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We awoke early, and I mean EARLY Friday morning and drove a scenic 6 hours to Lubbock to view apartments for Jenna and Jens. We were there by 11:30, and because she’d done her homework to pre-locate several options, we had a two-bedroom apartment chosen and reserved in time to briefly discuss scholarship options with an advisor, and then catch a one-hour 2:00 walking campus tour.

Freeway construction is in full swing there, so construction mess is everywhere, but a walking bridge from right next to the apartment across the freeway is slated to be finished by August, in time for fall classes. The campus is beautiful, full of Spanish Renaissance architecture, statuary, fountains, and lush, green courtyards (at least lush for now). After the walk, we were surprised to find we were all sunburned. As our guide had pointed out, Lubbock is located on a large, flat plateau at about 3,256 feet above sea level. It’s a dustier, more arid climate than we’re used to. We were also amused to learn that it was actually closer to Denver, Colorado there than to Houston, where Joel, Blake, and Zoe are moving.

Texas map

Having accomplished our task with time to spare, we headed back home, arriving by 9:30pm. We would have preferred a more leisurely trip, but with Tech graduation spanning several weeks, hotels were nowhere to be found. With Ali’s graduation and Joel’s family move approaching quickly, available time for us is pretty precious too.

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