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The less I have to leave the house, the more I’m reminded how rude and idiotic so many (too many!) drivers are when I’m out there among them — and they’re usually men in pickups! Early this morning we needed to get Ali’s car into the shop for body work following her recent hit-and-run incident (with a pickup), so I followed Steve to the repair shop, we dropped off the car, I dropped him off at work, and proceeded to head to a grocery store in heavy morning traffic. When I needed to turn left at a busy intersection, I calmly waited through two green arrows and still didn’t make it through, but was finally at the head of the line ready to try to sneak through at the tail end of the regular green light if traffic offered the chance. However, a very important pickup driver (apparently) way back in line decided he was in too much of a hurry to wait in the left turn lane himself, so he pulled out into the free-flowing lane going straight. Only instead of going straight, he whipped to a stop right in front of me in the middle of the intersection, making it difficult for even oncoming traffic to proceed! When the oncoming traffic finally offered the only available opening for a turn before the light turned red, of course he took it, leaving me waiting for a third green arrow. What is it about a pickup that can turn an otherwise rational, middle-aged man into a road-raged, inconsiderate jerk?

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