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Ali’s had a rough week. She stayed home from school today to attend the funeral of her boyfriend’s maternal grandfather, but left before I got up this morning. Then the phone rang…

“Mom, I just got rear-ended and that made me run into the car in front of me. The guy who hit me just drove off without stopping and I don’t know what to do!”

Words to panic any mother. Various parts of her car were crumpled, but SHE WAS OKAY, and that was the main thing.

“I’m stopped in the middle lane and the car I hit is stopped ahead. I’m scared to get out of the car in traffic and I’m afraid if I continue to exit and pull off, it’ll look like I’m just leaving too.”

“Try to pull over, but stay in your car and call the police, then call me back.”

“Okay, but I’ll have to exit to pull off anywhere…”

Then I heard her yelling to the driver ahead what she was about to do, they agreed to pull off at the first exit, and she said she’d call me back.

But time passed and she didn’t call back. I didn’t want to tie up the phone, so I used Internet instant messaging to contact Steve, who said he’d head out to find her. Apparently she called him as well, and she was handling it. Someone had already alerted the police as to what had happened by the time she called them herself and they were on the way; however, no one got the license tag number of the hit-and-run driver.

I didn’t want to call her boyfriend if the funeral had already begun, but I also thought he needed to know why she was late — so assuming he probably had his phone on silent, I text messaged him with my cell phone. Soon after, he called. He had not yet gotten my message, but she had already called him too.

I know she was stunned and late for the funeral, but she handled it very well. Cell phones, when charged and needed, come in very handy. So does instant messaging.

A hit-and-run driver — why would somebody do that to my kid?! Er… youngest adult offspring.

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