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She’s Twenty!

Beautiful, surprising, with just a splash of silly. Our adorable little girl has become a glowing, capable young woman.

Jenna, age 3

Seven-year-old Joel was expecting a brother the day Jenna was born, and when we announced to him that she was a girl, he thought we were April Fooling him! Having an April 1st birthday meant lots of jokes and tricks by friends as Jenna was growing up, but she was born on Good Friday as well, so we always said that it canceled out any mean ones. When her birthday again fell on Good Friday in 1994, I wrote her a poem and made it into a bookmark to help her appreciate having an April Fool’s Day birthday.

The First of April, as a rule,
Is set apart for April Fool;
Joke if you will, don’t hesitate
To smile a lot and celebrate;
We think it’s great that all this mirth
Comes ‘specially on your day of birth!
Some years you’re even doubly blessed;
Some “firsts” are better than the rest;
You see, some years we’re pleased to say,
Your birthday’s also Good Friday!

Happy birthday today! Your next Good Friday birthday will possibly be in 2011. We love you, Jenna. 😀

Upside Down Jenna

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