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I missed some of the speeches last night when Jenna called, but it was good to hear her voice. We enjoyed our visit with them in Lubbock this past week.

I’ve been catching up on what I missed last night, but I did hear Palin. While I don’t agree with some of her core beliefs, her reception and speech were pretty remarkable — she even pronounced “nuclear” correctly this time, but did she say “pundants?” To quote my dear husband, McCain seems to have “pulled this one out of his ass.” Bring on the debates.

On a side note, my blasted cable keeps going on and off this morning and I’m quite annoyed with frequent stretches of no Internet, no TV (specifically MSNBC), and no telephone.

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Palin????? It would seem the Republicans have a death wish or something.  Maybe that’s not fair.

That’s the instant message I received from my dad the moment she was confirmed as McCain’s VP choice. She’s an interesting pick, no doubt, but I can’t see her helping their campaign in the way they seem to think. When she spoke, Palin thanked Ferraro and Hillary for paving the way for her. What about Shirley Chisholm running for President in 1972?  I think she missed an opportunity there. Wouldn’t it have been beneficial to them to have mentioned and thanked Chisholm too? Then when she mispronounced “nuclear” just like Bush, I think McCain flinched a bit.

On the other hand, Obama’s speech at the DNC was amazing.

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