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After a nearly sleepless night, I was startled awake by the ringing of a phone at precisely 8:52 a.m. As I made my way to answer, caller ID announced a name that I didn’t recognize and without glasses, couldn’t read; I turned around and headed back to bed. Again the phone rang from the same caller, which is usually Ali-code for “Mom, I forgot my phone, I borrowed someone’s, and please, please, PLEASE answer the phone!” So, I did.

I could detect a hint of panic in the familiar, hushed voice that indicated my daughter was stowed away in a school restroom stall with a cell phone, hoping not to be overheard.

“Mom, I can’t find the last page of my essay! Could you look in the printer?”

Unable to find it, I was further requested to print it again from her laptop. In doing so, I discovered the printer’s blinking light and an empty paper tray. Problem solved.

“I need it before third period so can you get it here as soon as possible, please? Thanks, Mom. I love you!”

I fed the paper tray, fed the pets all dancing at my feet, herded the dogs outside for a routine morning potty break, threw on my clothes, found my keys, packaged and labeled her report, let the dogs back in, and — unaware of how much time all that actually took or when third period started — made a mad dash for the school. I completed the delivery to a student office aide and was back to my car by 9:20.

Once home again, I met Jenna (daughter #1) heading out the door.

Coffee time.

I’m honestly going to miss being needed like that once they’re all out on their own. It’s a phase of my life that’s coming all too quickly.

Now, where did I put the carpet spot-cleaning brush?

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