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I’m middle-aged, and so is my ambition. With my eldest daughter’s boyfriend coming all the way from Germany in a few days to meet and stay with us for about a month, I have so much left to do! — and yet, here I am once again alert at all hours of the night, honing my procrastination skills, and praying that by some miracle, the paper bought for my daughter’s bathroom will glue itself to the wall and the rest of the house will self-clean by Monday. Maybe he’ll think American refrigerators and garages are supposed to look like that?

It’s after 4 a.m. I took melatonin — Why isn’t it working?!

And it’s February. My gawd, it’s February! And our granddaughter turns one! We seem to have crammed just about every birthday and celebration possible into the shortest month of the year. (April and November compete for second busiest, and the rest trickle in here and there.) I have gift shopping to do, and for someone whose shopping gene mutated into something unrecognizable, that’s no easy task — even for the people I love. Thank goodness (?) my family isn’t afflicted with that mutation.

Pictures! My youngest daughter needs 15 photos for the senior class video — and another orthodontist appointment for aligner adjustments.

Play date with my granddaughter tomorrow.

Come on — I can do this.

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