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I’ve had so many issues with my Family Tree Maker program this past couple of weeks. I had version 16 working smoothly for a couple of years, but my genealogy file got corrupted somehow after recent new data entries. I was able to restore most of it, but will have to re-enter a few things. Well, the restored copy got corrupted again, so I had to resort to my Time Capsule once more and purchase the new 2009 Family Tree Maker. It all seemed to be working smoothly and a couple of days ago, after much frustration, I FINALLY had success in uploading my 17,000-plus person tree to Ancestry.com — no thanks to their technical support team who never did follow up on a promise to upload it for me after several failed attempts.

Eureka! My tree is now online, but you need Ancestry.com membership to view, and my upload duplicated some record sources for many individuals or put a few things in weird fields, so there’s some cleanup to do and some additions to make over time.

Okay, so now I’ve noticed a quirk in the new FTM…

Because my tree is so large that my family lines reconnect here and there, and even with my husband’s several generations back, my relationships with people become very complicated. The new program is supposed to list my closest family relationship with each person, but (I find this pretty humorous actually) the siblings of some of my direct ancestors become distant cousins for some reason instead of varying degrees of aunts and uncles. For some lines it seems to confuse my farthest relationship with my closest. For example, my mother’s natural siblings should simply be my aunt and uncle, but instead, my closest connection with them is listed as being 23 generations back, making us twenty-third cousins 6x removed! This has happened in one of Steve’s lines too, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve emailed again for technical advice, but haven’t yet had a response. Did their tech support pack up and leave, or what? (This problem only affects the program, and doesn’t reflect in my online tree, thankfully.)

I joined a freelance genealogy site and have been bidding on research jobs for others now too. My first bid was accepted a few weeks ago and I delivered on the request right away. I’ve also been connecting with several people to collaborate on my own family research, so with all that, I’ve been feeding my genealogy addiction rather well. I’m now in the process of uploading photos and documents to my online family tree, and writing stories about various family members, so for those of you who are interested, be expecting those to be posted here as well.

I’ve been up all night again.


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