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The girls and I drove back Wednesday from a few fun days in Houston with Joel, Blake, and Zoe, who is a very busy toddler. She’s talking more and more these days, and over the course of our visit, her favorite word, “No,” was occasionally followed by “Nokay” (with a tone implying “Okay, if I have to”).

Although I’m technically challenged and too impatient to figure out their TV and TiVo controls, Zoe seems to have it all figured out. I was quite impressed when with what seemed like a few random pushes and twists, she successfully turned on a TiVo recording of Sesame Street! I also kept a window open on my laptop with Sesame Street videos so when she came to sit by me whenever I was using the computer, she could point to a character and we’d play a song or a learning segment. I left the laptop open once when she was otherwise occupied. While I went to the kitchen for coffee, she managed to activate the window and start a video herself. She’s not even two yet!

We enjoyed the 5-day visit and arrived home on the 29th, Jens arrived the 30th and celebrated his 22nd birthday with us on the 31st, and Jenna and Jens left this morning for the first round of their move to Lubbock. With Jenna’s car packed to the brim with all they could take, we hugged and said goodbye. They’ll be back in a few days and we’ll rent a van and help them get the majority of their things to their new apartment on another trip.

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