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If my Babel Fish translator hasn’t let me down, my title should translate as “Until we meet again.” Our enjoyable, month-long visit from Jens flew by and ended much too soon with his departure on Saturday.

Although we enjoy opportunities that encourage us, as a family, to be more social and outgoing, we’re typically content with our normal, daily routines and busying ourselves behind laptops, books, and TVs in our spare time. With the most spare time, I am actually the hardest to pry from the house, but we did divert from the norm on occasion during his visit — even if one of our outings was only a family shopping trip to Costco to purchase mass quantities of “necessities.” Zoe immediately won him over and took an active role in at-home entertaining, while photo evidence* supports that Jenna was more involved in away-from-home entertaining. However, weather didn’t always cooperate as well with Jenna’s class schedule as she’d hoped during his visit. Still, with less activity and family conversation than he is probably used to (we’re kind of a quiet bunch), I think he understood, felt welcome, and didn’t get terribly bored with our mundane lifestyle.

All in all, we are pleasantly impressed with him, and agree with Zoe and Jenna that Jens makes for good company! We’re all anticipating future visits, including our affection-starved pets who immediately adopted him as their new, best friend — whether he wanted to be or not. Although he had good humor about taking a surplus of souvenir pet hair home with him, he did seem pleased when we offered an adhesive lint and pet hair roller as a parting gift.

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