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49 and Holding

Since Benihana was closed for renovation, my usual birthday meal couldn’t be had, but I chose an excellent alternative of Macadamia Nut Chicken at Kona Grill, and was thrilled to have the rare privilege of having all of us (plus our daughters’ boyfriends) in attendance, even if it had to be a day early. Oh, darn. 😉

Joel, Blake and Zoe topped off our evening with Rock Band, which none of us except them had ever played before. Drum playing got me booed off the stage, but I was fair at the beginning guitar level. I intentionally avoided the singing experience altogether and let better vocalists belt out the lyrics. Zoe joined in with a few lyrics of her own and finally she and I retreated downstairs to finish off the night cuddling up with a couple of Sesame Street episodes while Steve went to bed and the rest rocked on.

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